Various Artists - Quietly happy and deep inside - Covers and remixes (IAT.MP3.011)

Various Artists
Quietly happy and deep inside - Covers and remixes

October 20th, 2008

Before the Scandinavian release of "Quietly happy and deep inside" I let 11 good friends make cover/remix versions of the tracks on the album. I am really happy with the way they all turned out. It's very flattering to have someone work so hard on something that means so much to you. Thank you!
- Björn Kleinhenz


01. Unikorus - At night we die
Good friend Susanna Brandin (Winter Took His Life) sings in the philosophical faculty choir in Gothenburg. She was kind enough to write an arrangement for the first track of the album. Amazing I think! |

02. Aron Grape - En fråga om tid, en fråga om när
Aron Grape, singer of Gothenburg's finest pub rock outfit Hundarna and I share a small writing space down on the first floor of the house I live, where this track is recorded. I really love it. |

03. Anders Teglund - I whisper, he lives
Anders plays in a number of bands (Cult of Luna, Mattias Alkberg BD, Convoj) and somehow managed to cram in this excellent piece of music. |

04. Fujasaki - Poets dying
Electronic wizzard, neighbour and Sudd label boss Christian Abrahamsson remixes "Poets dying" between his determined walks up to Bar Italia and back. |

05. The Rabbit Theory - Krokås
Zürich emo core outfit TRT gave "Krokås" a good fucker upper cutter in the band room. I love it!!!

06. Pete Thompson & Stålars - Bars and beds
Pete and I did our first stuff together back in 2003. Ever since that I've loved his music. And him.

07. Kid Ikarus - Princes
Conrad and I did a tour together a couple of years back. It was one of the best ones I ever made and as a parting gift Conrad gave me a Die Prinzen-cassette. I listened to it first thing when I got home to my tape deck. And princes happened. Now I hand it back to Conni. |

08. AC Hum - Fast and slow
Earlier this year I went to Scotland to play a few shows. And I got to know Mr Alan Oates and his wonderful music. Alan together with Iona Marshall are AC Hum. Brilliant.

09. Thomas Denver Jonsson - The light of love
Thomas and I met back in 2001 and we've always kept in touch and played the odd show together. I still remember him and Olis getting lost in Aflenz, Austria looking at squirrels.

10. We Are Soldiers We Have Guns - Olis
Malin was the singer in the first band I joined when moving to Gothenburg, Laurel Music, so we go back quite a while. She's recorded an album now that I've heard parts of, and it's fucking amazing. As is this version here. |

11. Adam Svanell - Tredje Långgatan 26 (Han som ville bli en sämre människa remix)
Me and Adam founded good old Johnny Brattom Records 7-8 years ago and have been on tour together with Boy Omega and lived together and promoted shows together and played as a duo in Memoplay together. He's in Stockholm now since a while back. I miss him.

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Cover photo by Mattias Dellmo []. |