Hello Saferide - Introducing... LP (IAT005)

Hello Saferide
Introducing... LP

November 26th, 2006

First pressing is 550 copies on 140g vinyl. SOLD OUT.


A1. Nothing like you (when you're gone)
A2. My best friend
A3. If I don't write this song, someone I love will die
A4. I thought you said summer is going to take the pain away
A5. I don't sleep well
A6. Long lost penpal (ft. Firefox AK)
B1. Saturday nights
B2. San Francisco
B3. Get sick soon
B4. I can't believe it's not love
B5. Loneliness is better when you're not alone
B6. Highschool stalker
B7. The quiz (vinyl bonus track!)

Originally released in 2005 on Razzia/Family Tree Music.

Finally, Sweden's reigning indie queen comes to America. Well, her record will be here first and hopefully some live dates will follow. The first time I heard Hello Saferide I thought, "oh jeez, yet another cutesy singer/songwriter. Pass!" But y'know what? Something made me come back and her music kept growing on me until it became firmly lodged in my mind as one of 2005's best records. Even better: it sounds just as good now and shows no signs of premature aging. Instant classic? You bet.

Pitchfork Media: "It's difficult to imagine an American acoustic singer/songwriter so unironically addressing the psyche of awkward, lovesick, body-conscious 20-somethings without getting entangled in sex/class politics, soft-rock fluff, or worse. Hello Saferide, by contrast, just sings about being a person-- and an endearing one, at that. It's a pleasure to finally meet her." - March Hogan (Score: 7.8)

Stylus Magazine: "Her songs acknowledge a fact of life rarely acknowledged in music: that kissing, laughing, and crying can happen in the same three minutes." - Paul Scott (Score: A-/Recommended Album)

Mundane Sounds: "My new indie-pop crush! She's funny, talented, beautiful, and she's someone whose music you really need to hear!" - Joseph Kyle (Best of 2006)

Behind stage name Hello Saferide (inspired by an intelligent bus driver in a drug-addicted small town) is songwriter Annika Norlin who has become the veritable darling of the Swedish music scene in the past year. She'd been writing songs since the age of seven, never aspiring for anyone else to hear them, when she recorded the song "Highschool stalker", about a young girl stalking her crush. It was an instant Internet hit with its handclaps, Shangri-Las ask-and-tell chorus, scrunched-up trumpet, and rollicking guitar pop. She immediately got a record deal and her first single, "My best friend", featured the lyrics "Damn, I wish I was a lesbian/so I could fall in love with you." It immediately got radio airplay and had the toughest of tough men crying they, too, wanted to be lesbians. She released her debut album, "Introducing...", in late September 2005, to a massive critical acclaim. "The strength of this album is that there are no weaknesses", wrote one reviewer.
Her summer has been spent playing in front of thousands at nearly every festival, and her anxiously anticipated follow-up, "Would you play this EP ten times a day?" has catapulted to number three in the Swedish charts, well on its way to gold. Annika was even declared the fourth sexiest woman in Sweden by QX Magazine and the song "Long lost penpal" was featured in a recent episode of HBO hit "Big Love". And all the hype is well-deserved. Annika's songwriting is sharp as a needle, packed with finely-wrought storytelling and deft turns of phrase, couched impossibly catchy melodies and just the slightest tinge of bedroom melancholy.