Country: Denmark

Blå Måndag podcast interview

Hello, is this thing on? I'm still retired from running this website, but I never stopped caring about Scandinavian music and apparently some people still care about what I have to say on the subject, so check out this interview I did this past summer with the nice folks at the Blue Monday Podcast:
I probably should've posted this back when it first went up, but better late than never, right? And who knows, perhaps I will see you at Kalabalik på Tyrolen next year! Otherwise, feel free to keep up with me and my own solo musical endeavor Harsh R.

So long, farewell

Stick a fork in me, I'm done. After 10 years of near-daily blogging I have decided to walk away from It's a Trap!, a decision that I have weighed for quite some time and one that did not come easily. This site has been a major part of my life the past decade and while I treasure that time greatly, both via the music and all of the absolutely lovely people I've met along the way, I've become increasingly tired, burnt-out and simply far too busy to give it the attention it truly deserves. So, rather than let you bear witness to my slow descent into a crispy shell of bitter cynicism, I'm getting out while the getting's still good. Thanks to all of the amazing bands and labels who I have worked with and whose art has inspired me, thanks to everyone who ever contributed an article, review or even an email recommendation, thanks to Jonas for handling the clubnights so admirably and most of all, thanks to YOU for reading! I doubt I'll ever stop caring about music, Scandinavian or otherwise, so I'm sure I will eventually resurface somewhere else before long. Until then, keep in touch!

Dinner - You are like LA

New music from Dinner aka Danish artist/producer Anders Rhedin, probably best known for his work behind the scenes with Choir of Young Believers and also as an ex-member of Jong Pang. "You are like LA" is the title track of the first of two EPs to be released via .

Halasan Bazar - Figure it out (video)

Another video clip from quality Danish psychrock act Halasan Bazar.

Pitchfork reviews Efterklang

Pitchfork is not too impressed by Efterklang's latest:

CTM - Variations (teaser)

Coming November 5 via , the new EP "Variations" from Danish artist CTM aka the solo alias of Cæcilie Trier (Chimes & Bells, Choir of Young Believers). A 2nd EP will follow in early 2013.

First acts confirmed for Chaos in Tejas 2013

Scandinavian hardcore acts Terveet Kädet, Infernöh and Lower are three of the first bookings for next year's Chaos in Tejas Fest. Details at Facebook:

Piramida preview

NPR is currently streaming the new Efterklang album "Piramida" in full:

The Raveonettes - The enemy (video)

The Raveonettes have a new video for the tune "The enemy" off their latest record "Observator". No idea what Pitchfork was thinking, I think the new album is totally solid.

Specktors + Medina - Lågsus (video)

A new video for "Lågsus" from Danish hip-hop crew Specktors, this time remixed with guest vox from pop artist Medina.

Pitchfork reviews The Raveonettes

Pitchfork is not too terribly impressed with The Raveonettes latest record "Observator":

Kitty Wu - Copenhagen vs Electric Lady (video)

The new Kitty Wu album "Carrier pigeons" is out today, as is the final episode of their video diary documenting the process behind it.

Halasan Bazar - Mountaintops (video)

New indie/psychrock outta Denmark from an artist known as Halasan Bazar. Order the cassette from the label right here or hit up a full album stream/paid download via Bandcamp.

Lust for Youth comes to Sacred Bones

It looks like Lust for Youth's album "Growing seeds", originally released on the Iceage-related imprint, will be getting a US repress via . Official release date: November 14
FWIW, I like synthpop and goth music, but I don't like this band at all. Comparisons to early Cold Cave are apt I suppose.

Kiss Kiss Kiss - In it deep (video)

"In it deep" is the first single from Danish act Kiss Kiss Kiss off their new album "Ponte 25", due out October 15.