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MP3: Sonores - That wish!

Spotty Internet access here in the Silicon Valley (who woulda thought?) means no Thursday post. But I'm still on vacation, so you should be happy that you get anything at all. Moving on to close out the week: IAT.MP3 netlabel artists Sonores and The Grand Opening both have new full-length albums. Both of course, are excellent. You'll have to wait a little while for TGO's record, but Sonores' "Elefanten" is out now. Download a new album track from the mp3 playlist and read an interview with mainman Jonas Odhner right here: [click here]

Sonores - That wish!

MP3: Élodie - Overload

A good follow-up to yesterday's post on Under Byen is today's mp3 from Élodie. Both bands are female-fronted and could be considered post-rock by the way they embrace slow-building dynamics. The main difference however is that Élodie is more of a pop band. Where Under Byen is unique for their heavy percussion, Élodie soothes with lush, gentle melodies. It's a shame that their new EP "At the end of the line" is the last we'll hear from them - the band recently played their final show at Trästockfestivalen in their hometown of Skellefteå. If you've been at all into any of the other dark and dreamy pop I've been raving about this year such as Lampshade or Namur, then this is definitely up your alley. Not only is there a ton of similar music in this vein being released now, a very high percentage of it is remarkably good. There's more on the way too - keep an eye out for posts on new music Sonores and The Grand Opening in the near future, both amazing bands (and also both IAT.MP3 artists releasing their first official full-lengths).
Buy "At the end of the line": [click here]

Élodie - Overload

The Grand Opening has posted some new tracks from their forthcoming album at myspace:
The top song "Secret view" is especially good.

It may be Labor Day here in the US, but I'm obviously not taking the day off. Be sure to check out the new profile/interview piece I've posted with The Kid and also note that I now have copies of The Grand Opening's new 7" in the webstore. I'm not allowed to post anything from it yet, but the forthcoming album is amazing. It makes me so amazingly happy to see an artist I've worked with on a free netrelease get signed and put out more great music.

IAT.MP3 artist The Grand Opening has posted the tracklist for the new album "This is nowhere to be found" at their website:
It comes out September 22 via Tapete Records and I can't wait to hear it. The samples I've heard so far are amazing.

IAT.MP3 artist The Grand Opening on tour:

09/30 - Hus 25, Sundsvall (SWE)
10/26 - Scheune, Dresden (GER) w/Whitest Boy Alive
10/28 - Schokoladen, Berlin (GER)
10/30 - Kulturhaus 73, Hamburg (GER)
10/31 - Bei Chez Heinz, Hannover (GER)
11/01 - Das Bett, Frankfurt (GER)
11/03 - E-Werk, Erlangen (GER) w/Samba, Kolkhorst
11/04 - Glashaus, Bayreuth (GER) w/Samba, Wolke
11/05 - B72, Wien (AUS)
11/08 - Pretty Vacant, Düsseldorf (GER)

The debut full-length "This is nowhere to be found" comes out September 22 via German label Tapete Records. Can't wait to hear it!

Leif Elverstig (solo artist and guitarist for IAT.MP3 artist The Grand Opening) has a new website:

The It's a trap! weekly profile series continues with a feature on IAT.MP3 artist The Grand Opening! Check it: [click here]

Sing Your Life! reports that OHM will be releasing a new single for the song "Spoon me" in a few weeks with "Follow my fate" as a b-side. They'll probably both be available as a free download and I'll try my best to let you know when they're available. In other news, Lionlove is currently working on their album and a video for the song "For dears" and Leif Elverstig is also working on a new record, but will be taking some time off to tour with IAT.MP3 artist The Grand Opening.

IAT.MP3 artist and "Reader's companion" contributor The Grand Opening has signed with German label Tapete Records. The debut album "This is nowhere to be found" will be released in September. A 7" single featuring "Don't drop off" b/w "So be it" will be released on May 15 and you can peep the cover art here. You can also preview both tracks at myspace along with TGO's brilliant song "Slow motion" from the aforementioned "Reader's companion" comp:
Of course a German label also means a German tour and here are the dates:

05/14 - Gleis 22, Münster (GER) w/Okkervil River
05/15 - Grüner Jäger, Hamburg (GER)
05/17 - Magnet Club, Berlin (GER) w/Polarkreis, Ter Haar
05/18 - Reil 78, Halle (GER)
05/19 - Energiecafe, Zossen (GER) w/Wa:Rum
05/20 - Popup Festival, Leipzig (GER)
05/21 - Lades, Copenhagen (DK)

IAT.MP3 artist The Grand Opening is heading out on tour to Northern Europe in May:

05/14 - Gleis 22, Münster (GER) w/Okkervil River
05/15 - Grüner Jäger, Hamburg (GER)
05/16 - tba
05/17 - Magnet Club, Berlin (GER)
05/18 - Reil 78, Halle (GER)
05/19 - tba
05/20 - POPUP Festival, Leipzig (GER)
05/21 - Lades, Copenhagen (DK)

The Grand Opening is streaming their contribution to the "It's a trap! reader's companion volume two" at myspace:
A perfect closing tune, I must say.

I'm not posting a new mp3 today because I have something even better for you, the tracklist for "It's a trap! reader's companion volume two". Behold:

01. HELLO SAFERIDE - If I don't write this song, someone I love will die (SWE)
from the album "Introducing: Hello Saferide" (Razzia)
02. RICOCHETS - Cold outside (NOR)
from the album "Isolation" (KongTiki)
03. VIOLA - Invisible revolution (FIN)
from the album "Anyone can stop us" (If Society)
04. BJÖRN KLEINHENZ - Pocket of gold (SWE)
previously unreleased
05. PLAIN FADE - Itä-Aure (FIN)
previously unreleased
06. THE BEAR QUARTET - Birds are singing deep within the greenery (SWE)
from the album "Saturday night" (A West Side Fabrication)
07. MOONBABIES - Take me to the ballroom (SWE)
from the as-yet-untitled forthcoming third full-length album (Moonbabies Music)
08. MUNCK//JOHNSON - Slavesong (DK)
from the album "Count your blessings" (PonyRec)
from the self-titled album (Biophan [1998]/Rune Grammofon [2006])
previously unreleased
11. DET GAMLA LANDET - När vi vaknar (SWE)
previously unreleased
12. THE FIRST MILES - The best one around (DK)
from the album "Aim for the heart, go!" (Little Bad Bear)
13. PARIS - Captain Morgan (SWE)
from the album "Secrets on tape" (Parismusic/V2)
14. THE END WILL BE KICKS - Medicine and airbags (SWE)
previously unreleased
15. DON JUAN DRACULA - Run away with you (NOR)
from the album "Young debutantes II" (Switch Off)
16. TIGER LOU - Nixon (SWE)
from the album "The loyal" (Startracks)
17. THE GRAND OPENING - Slow motion (SWE)
previously unreleased

Artwork is still being finalized, but if you head over to my myspace page you can see the cover art and listen to Björn Kleinhenz's track. Exact release date is still tbc, but I expect CDs in-hand by early April.

John Roger Olsson, the main dude behind IAT.MP3 artists The Grand Opening, has posted a new solo track on myspace:
Sounds great of course. Just wait until you hear the song he gave me for "It's a trap! reader's companion volume two".

See Vijaya play on TV4 Nyhetsmorgon:
Note the backing band consisting of Roger and Anders from IAT.MP3 act The Grand Opening along with Mattias Olsson and Tobias Ljungqvist from Two Times The Trauma. The two songs performed are "Reflections" and "Great big city".