The Grand Opening - Beyond the brightnessThe Grand Opening
Beyond the brightness
Tapete Records


After having first found The Grand Opening through the netlabel here a couple of years ago, I thought I had an idea of what they sounded like. Suffice to say, I was a bit naïve in that outlook. With "Beyond the brightness", the music has become slightly more minimal, the lyrics dimmer, and the overall package something quite good. At times, it recalls "Northern blues"–era Kristofer Åström, which is not something to look lightly on. That same, bleak yet beautiful feeling is evident here, and best conveyed on tracks such as "On the losing end" and "Lonely hearts night out". "Anxious looks" starts the album off strong and does not let up much at all. As introspective as it is, it's fragility is so accessible, I can see new fans being won over as a result.
- Matt Giordano