The Grand Opening - This is nowhere to be foundThe Grand Opening
This is nowhere to be found
Tapete Records

The Grand Opening is primarily the efforts of John Roger Olsson, a soft-spoken young man with an undying will to tell stories of love and heartbreak. "This is nowhere to be found" is Olsson's debut and its ten brooding, down-tempo tracks will leave you feeling a little softer and a little more malleable even after just a few minutes. Every song is crafted to bring you down a few notches and pull you into a contemplative state, the lyrics dive into the happy and unhappy (guess which wins in the end) and though they are a little on the simple side, they have enough moodiness to alter the rest of your day. While acts like Doveman are sapping things down in the states, The Grand Opening appears to have things handled for the EU.
- Phil Del Costello