Tack! Tack! Tack! checks in after returning home from Emmaboda:

T!T!T! at Emmaboda had a strong red threat of Sweden through the line-up. From Brighton (home of Sweden Made Me) came Bobby McGees. The UK-Sweden link was further bolstered by Monster Bobby's membership in 2/7 Swedish band The Pipettes.
Nevertheless, this was T!T!T! at Emmaboda with IAT jocks.
Festival faves The Bobby McGees gave up seven songs to 150 people crowded in the D&tC tent with Monster Bobby following on with a further six songs, increasing the crowd to 250 - this in competition against Hello Saferide performing on the main stage. Not too shabby we say.
Bands to catch the eye of T!T!T! included Familjen, Hemstad, I'm From Barcelona, Vapnet, SMK, Hello Saferide and D&tC, to name just a few. We missed them, but The Tiny were said to be immense. Old timers like Billie the Vision and the Dancers gave a memorable show, and trumpetplayer Lisa promised to marry T!T!T! Even more lovely was when The Pipettes dedicated "Pull shapes" to T!T!T!
T!T!T! dedicated it to all the other would-be proponents of music on the scene for Scandi music. From Spain, Italy, Scotland, England, Ireland, USA and elsewhere; everyone was there. You know who, Tack!