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Everything is connected
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Tobias Hellkvist makes such lovely drone music. I tend to listen to so much stuff in a more "dark ambient" style that I forget just how pretty this kind of music can be, but Tobias is always there to remind me. "Everything is connected" is his fourth full-length I believe and probably his most abstract to date -- I keep listening to it in an effort to single out highlights or pick out individual melodies, but the compositions always manage to escape me, float on by and lull me into a blissful meditative state. Bear in mind, that is by no means a complaint; simply a comment on how the record so easily envelopes me and my thoughts. And then, each time it ends, I find myself surprised at the sudden silence. For music that doesn't really "do" anything more than drift like tendrils of fog, it's a compelling experience and one well worth seeking out.
- Avi Roig