Ahoy Göteborg!

In just a few hours I will on a plane and on my way to Göteborg, Sweden to attend the P3 Guld Awards at the behest of Swedish Radio and Svenska Institutet. I won't be coming entirely empty-handed either: as a cultural ambassador of Olympia, WA, I have been entrusted with a number of copies of the latest Perennial Records sampler cassette featuring new material from HPP, Broken Water, Son Skull and Weird TV as well as a few issues of local zine Nuts! which includes a flexi disc featuring cuts from Milk Music and Carrie Keith of Gun Outfit. No idea what I'm talking about? Maybe you should pick up the latest issue of MRR to check out the massive Oly scene report! Want a copy of either/both? Get in touch and we'll figure out a place to meet up. Did I mention they are free? Yes, free.