Top tens for 2010: Daggan Stamenkovic (Novoton)

Here's my Top ten list for 2010.

1. Pascal - Orkanen närmar sig
Pascal is getting better all time and their third album is all I hoped it would be. Cave rock at it's best!

2. The Black Angels - Phosphene Dream
I loved their first album and was quite disappointed with their second so i am very glad to hear they are back in great form.

3. Wolf People - Tidings
I got all these singles/EPs and have loved them to bits but it's great to have them collected in one place. Don't miss out on this. Also check out "Steeple", their proper debut album.

4. This Is Head - 0001
A more or less perfect debut album. Great stuff.

5. Archie Bronson Outfit - Coconut
Fine mix of psychedelic garage rock, swaggering grooves, stabbing riffs, and gouging pop hooks.

6. Clinic - Bubblegum
I've been a Clinic fan since day one and i really like this softer and poppier sound.

7. Riddarna - Släpp allt, glöm allt!
Riddarna (The Knights) are a trio from Gotland/Gothenburg in Sweden and they are best described like Dungen's obnoxious country cousins born and bred on stoner-rock. In other words, loudmouth rock'n'roll in Swedish that sounds quite unique. Great debut EP.

8. The Bear Quartet - Monthy Python
Not being a big BQ fan from the beginning I was surprised how great their album "89" was and now when they follow it up with this it is even better.

9. Mattias Alkberg - Nerverna
A quite dark and beautiful album.

10. 2011 (Paper and Katharina Nuttall)
As always, stuff I have listened to and enjoyed immensly won't be released until next year. Paper will release a fantastic second album called "Mischmash" and Katharina Nuttall will release her third called "Turn me on". Both fantastic in their own ways. Also, Riddarna will release their debut album and Pascal a new EP. How could I not long for next year.

Daggan runs who will be doing a bunch of stuff in 2011 as outlined in #10 above.