MP3: Rasmus Kellerman - Five years from now

I came to the point a few years ago when I finally realized I was a bona fide adult. It was kind of a "holy shit" moment because it's not as if I had it planned it or had any big aspirations or anything, but I could no longer ignore the symptoms: career, mortgage, wife, kids (well, actually dogs, but same difference as far as I'm concerned), 401k, yadda yadda. Big "R" responsibilities and with that comes new gravity, new concerns. Do you ever think about what you want to be doing five years from now? What about 10 or even 20? I actually sat down with a financial planner the other day and faced up to those questions. Which is not to say that Rasmus Kellerman is facing similar circumstances, but I wouldn't doubt it. Recording under his own given name without the anchor of a backing band says something to me about newfound confidence and maturity. It's a scary feeling stepping off on your own like that, but also very exciting. Closing doors, opening new ones you couldn't fit through before.

If you've ever had the pleasure of seeing Rasmus perform solo, this won't sound unfamiliar. Tiger Lou was always essentially his project, as least in the studio, but there's no hiding it here. There's nothing to hide behind.

Rasmus Kellerman - Five years from now