Elias & the Wizzkids - Just do it!Elias & the Wizzkids
Just do it!


After releasing two stellar singles in 2009, Elias & the Wizzkids have returned with their second album, "Just do it!". They have changed their sound immensely since the early days, and said singles alluded to the band's new, finely honed pop sound and clean production as opposed to the alt-country leanings of their first record. I must say thought, it's quite enjoyable hearing Elias Åkesson's scratchy voice over the lush arrangements of this new set (see "Oh these nights" with it's anthemic chorus). However, the band doesn't fully forsake their old sound, they just consolidated it to the closing track "What would kill us". And it works so well, because each track recalls varying influences, and excels wholly on its own. The 80s-leaning opener "Waste of time", the 70s-pop-meets-Beatles aspect of "Crooked road" and the absolutely huge "Hit & run". But the underlying strength of each one makes this a much more cohesive set than this review may lead on -- the structure of the album is as impeccable as the songwriting and performance. It's hard not to gush (in the professional sense) over a great album, but when one hears it, it is the logical conclusion.
- Matt Giordano