Top 10s for 2009: Rickard Jäverling

Here's a top 10 list of more or less musical and magical moments that made this last decade for me.

01. The birth of my first child

02. The joy of working with Swedish label

03. Seeing Gillian Welch live in a small Stockholm venue

04. The thrill of releasing my debut album in 2006

05. The start of a life long love affair with Swedish artist Håkan Hellström

06. Being in and around a fantastic Swedish underground scene with bands/acts like Promise and the Monster, ASS, Jeniferever, Jonathan Johansson, Tape, Johan Heltne, Andreaz Hedén, OK Star Orchestra, Musette, Eric Malmberg, Top Hawk, Johan Borgert, Oskar Schönning, Finn Loxbo, etc, etc, etc...

07. Seeing Bruce Springsteen live, at last

08. The shrinkage of the music world -- that makes it possible for a small artist like me to get fan mail from the smallest corners of the globe

09. My discovery in the great Swedish novelist Selma Lagerlöf - read her, for God's sake!!!

10. And finally, the album of the decade is Midlake's "The trials of Van Occupanther"

Rickard's sophomore album "The valleys" is out now via Kning Disk. Aside concentrating on being a father in 2010, he also plans to collaborate on a new project with the band Musette.