MP3: Rickard Jäverling - The wedding ring

Kning Disk grows as a label and so do its artists. Maybe I haven't been paying close enough attention, but prior to "The valleys" I had never considered Rickard Jäverling to be a folk artist. After all, my first introduction to his work was through his split 7" with Oskar Schönning & Co. on Jezebel Recordings, a recording that I guess could be considered postrock, though I suppose the barebones label of "instrumental" would be sufficient. Beyond that, I see his name in the credits on many records I love (David Åhlén and Johan Heltne, to name two artists he has worked with), but who knows how that reflects on the man's own work? And now, on his new record? His music still drifts with gradual crescendos, but now there are vocals and, yes, even a few small nods to pop convention. On some of the tracks at least; the folk tag is less troubadour than historian. Anyhow, he's still at his best in pure composer mode and this particular track I've got for you today is an absolutely gorgeous collaboration with fellow musical traveller Andreas Söderström (ASS). The mood is crucial, it's what ties him to the other artists I mentioned above and what sets them apart from their peers. Pastoral like labelmate Erik Enocksson can be, but hazy as if filtered through the memory of a dream. It's in the way the notes quiver and, even before the waves and seagulls come in, I see an ocean.

Rickard Jäverling - The wedding ring