MP3: Bad Hands - Bad hands

Remember Bad Hands? Per Nordmark's new solo project? Y'know, the drummer from Fireside whose played with all sorts of Swedish elite such as Christian Kjellvander, Britta Persson and so on? Well, I've just been handed their eponymous single and I'm happy to be able to share it with you. Apparently a 10-track album with 10 different guest vocalists is on the way via NONS later this year and this particular track (which you might have already heard via myspace) features Nina Kinert on lead. Sound-wise, it's kind of what I'd expect from a Stockholm-based drummer-led project. Very krauty with a bit of artsy electro, not too dissimilar from Existensminimum (drummer/engineer Magnus Henriksson's solo project). Not very flashy either -- drummers understand it's the supporting players who make the difference, so they often remain in service of the song even when they take the helm. Of course, the beat still takes precedence, even if it's subtle. As a drummer myself, I'm really looking forward to hearing what else he'll come up with.

Bad Hands - Bad hands (feat. Nina Kinert)