MP3: The River Phoenix - 5 wheel drive

Okay, one last promo mp3 before Friday's Danish Dynamite showcase. The River Phoenix are a band that manages to transcend their abominable name to deliver solid emopop on this particular track, "5 wheel drive". Nothing groundbreaking to be sure, but if you like soaring octave chords, heavy half-time choruses and earnest, keening vocals then these guys will surely satisfy. Sand off the dark edges from either Mew or Lapko and you get the picture. Not quite as sugary as Jimmy Eat World's best material, but awfully close, so let's play it safe and file 'em under guilty pleasures for the time being.
As for the rest of the Danish Dynamite lineup, since there's no way I'll cover 'em all (even if I wanted to) I'll just pass along this zip file so you can familiarize yourself on your own time: [click here]

The River Phoenix - 5 wheel drive