MP3: Jesper Norda - We have the guts

In case you missed the news that Jesper Norda has a new EP for free download, here's a chance to make up for it. As with his previous EP, the sound is pure piano and voice, soaked in darkness and hung out to dry. Actually, the minor key gloom and doom is just a red herring, "We have the guts" is a love ballad, a devotional epic. In a way. So much of the lyrics pertain to the dull mundane realities of dead-end day-to-day life, but the delivery is what gives it power and the conclusion is pure beauty. Jesper's voice is deep and strong, but it also aches when it strives for the higher notes and I don't doubt for a second that every word is true. And the dynamics? Intense. There's no need to sing out the title, it's implied with the final breath.

Download the rest of the EP here.

Jesper Norda - We have the guts