Fatboy - In my bonesFatboy
In my bones
Fat State


Fatboy are one of few Swedish rockabilly bands that have been successful in reaching a broader audience. Their second album "In my bones" varies a lot; they start off playing straight rockabilly on the album's first single "Way down low" and then change to something more Sinatra-like in "Springtime". They are reminiscent of Weeping Willows at times too, especially in the way they combine rockabilly with a more alternative sound. They mix their music with jazz as well as pop, but still create a classic distinguished sound that tells the listener that this is Fatboy and nothing else... Even if it might look like it's just the usual stand-up bass supported trip back the 50's, there is enough creativity and effort put in for the album to avoid becoming nostalgic. The record is very well done and makes even a person like me that is not very interested in rockabilly to smile and sing along.
- Morten Frisch