MP3: Lesli - Half a wing

Another day, another duet. Swedish troubadour Lesli doesn't stray from the typical AAA party line; it's all very nice and pleasant and easygoing and easy on the ears. I hear bits of Jeff Buckley in his voice, maybe some Thomas Dybdahl too, though not so smokey. Heavier on the former by far. So yeah, not subversive in the least and nothing you haven't heard before. Which is not to say it's bad; he actually pulls it off quite well, wisely keeping the arrangements sparse and open. The muted horns on single "Half a wing" give it a distinct, warm 70s flavor, too. As for duet partner Frida Íhrn's (Oh Laura) contributions, she does a fine job of supporting the main act without eclipsing him. They elevate the material by subtly wrapping their voices together. It's actually that combined lowkey approach that wins it -- the casual atmosphere is endlessly charming. Without it, all allure would be lost. Perhaps not quite the sort of song that instantly captivates, but definitely one worth noting.

Lesli - Half a wing (ft. Frida Íhrn)