MP3: The Greencoats - Hello!

I considered saving this one for the weekly Gbg Spotlight, but I figure I might as well run with it. The Greencoats are a psych-pop-rock band featuring members from many, many other notable acts such as Franke, Bolywool and Douglas Heart along with guest appearances from Malin Dahlberg (We Are Soldiers We Have Guns) and Jonas Odhner (Sonores), among others, the latter being credited with both percussion and engineering duties (often that's just as important as playing an instrument). Of those acts, Franke is probably the best reference point as they definitely have a lot of the same shambolic rock'n'roll vibe and devil-may-care attitude, though The Greencoats go for a far more retro feel. For instance, check out those excessive drum fills and tell me you don't think of Keith Moon. And that organ tone, too 0- total 60s rock. I dig this.

The Greencoats - Hello!