MP3: Galento - Hela bilen

It was really difficult to pick a song from Galento to post. Their new album "From the sea" is even more obtuse than their previous work "Golfstarblue". I suppose you could call them post-rock as they are definitely in the business of creating epic soundscapes, but there's way more artistry here than usually demonstrated in that genre and they lack the usual quiet/loud dynamics. No, this truly qualifies as "experimental music". They take organic musical sounds, chop them up and put them back together and then throw in elements of electronics and found-sound. At times I'm reminded of Negativland, other times it's Alog or maybe Majessic Dreams. It's mysterious and evocative, like the soundtrack to an abstract movie. The problem, as said above, is that it's extremely difficult to pick out one section of the record to represent the whole. No, scratch that: it's impossible. Hopefully this one piece stirs up your interest enough to check out the rest. It's worth it.

Galento - Hela bilen