MP3: Rumble in Rhodos - Step into the night

The mainstreaming of emo/hardcore took me by surprise. I remember laughing at the kids with the backpacks and too-tight sweaters quivering to bands like Evergreen and Mohinder back in the day. It's not that I have anything against the music - I actually still listen to a lot of 90s hardcore - I just can't understand how it became cool. I guess I'm already on my way to becoming an old fogey. Kids these days, y'know? Regardless of all that, Norway seems to leading the way when it comes to keeping the scene alive. Mainstays like JR Ewing and Kaospilot have been at it for awhile, but up-and-comers like Rumble in Rhodos are stealing the show (and awards like "Favourite new international artist" at Canadian Music Week earlier this year, beating out Finnish also-rans Disco Ensemble). I'm posting this particular track today because it reminds me of Texas is the Reason, one of the trailblazers of the melodic emo/post-hardcore genre or whatever you want to call it. Good stuff - bring on the octave chords!

Rumble in Rhodos - Step into the night