MP3: First Floor Power - We are the people

I was watching the Musikbyrån 10-year special the other day (thanks Christoffer!) and amongst the bounty of footage was a short live clip of First Floor Power performing "We are the people". In that brief moment, I realized I knew exactly what song I had to post this Friday. I'm mostly ambivalent about First Floor Power's music, much preferring the more recent solo work of members Jenny Wilson and Karl-Jonas Winqvist aka Blood Music, but this song trumps 'em all. The base of the song is a shuffling beat and a ghostly four-note melody, upon which they pile layers of sound: a little squeezebox, some electronics, handclaps. When they take it to the chorus, the song explodes with heavy tremolo guitar and grand declarations. However, I think the lines that begin the verses are more crucial: "We are the people who tried to create something new / We are the people who tried to invent something true" High aspirations that deserve to be lauded.

First Floor Power - We are the people