Britta Persson

If you've heard anything off of Kristofer Åström's new album "Loupita", you already know that Britta possesses an excellent voice. Kristofer's vote of confidence should make that go without saying. I was quite curious to hear what caught Kristofer's attention, so I was very excited to get this demo for my own listening pleasure. I was not let down - Britta is obviously a young lady of much talent and these four songs show a lot of potential. The singing is great - we already know that, but the songs are pretty strong as well and there's definitely some good ideas at work. My sole complaint is that her English is less than stellar and her lyrics suffer accordingly. Maybe I'm too old or something, but lines like "What I need is a program to defrag my heart" make me cringe. Still, she's young and this is only a demo, so I'm not sweating it. I look forward to hearing her in the future, as I don't doubt she'll be getting better and better.
- Avi Roig