Holiday For Strings

This Stockholm quintet plays a heady mix of experimental art-rock and more accessible, subtle rock. Singer Magnus usually steers you in the direction the rest of the band wants to go. The natural weariness of his voice on "Touch the tiger" works well with the song's understated melody, while the heavy, robotic effects on it provide one of the many odd hallmarks of the more free-form "Brest". The band uses repetition in the same way that Stereolab does, with subtle lines setting up a rhythmic hook instead of beating you over the head with boredom (as repetition can do in the hands of less capable musicians). Guitarist Oscar adds some potent crackles, buzzes and other sound effects, giving some of the songs a Sparklehorse feel. Holiday for Strings experiment without falling into the trap of self-indulgence. Hopefully this demo will get a proper release soon.
- Matthew W. Smith