Her Majesty
Memory and loss
Bittersweet Records

For me, "Her Majesty" is foremost one of my all-time favourite albums (by The Decemberists). Secondly, it's who James Bond works for. Thirdly, it's an uninteresting band out of southern Sweden whose past singles failed to impress me to such an extent that I'd rather cut off my hands just to prevent me from picking up any of their full length albums. "Memory and loss" is Her Majesty's third album, and perhaps they'll be third time lucky, but most likely I'm not the only one who's bored by this sleepy rock that makes The Soundtrack of Our Lives come across as the most subversive rock band on the planet. Yes, now and then Her Majesty sound like if TSOOL but minus whatever TSOOL have got that makes people like them. This is nothing but average dull rock - keep it away from the kids, if not we might end up with a handless generation.
- Simon Tagestam