Out of Clouds
Into your lovely summer

More breezy, melodic pop rock from Sweden... how do they keep churning this stuff out so effortlessly over there? Out of Clouds is a six-piece ensemble from Gothenburg and this, their second EP, is a charming little thing. What you get here is four tracks of sweet, summery rock distinguished by strong melodies and the high, plaintive vocals of Joel Goranson, who reminds a bit of American singer David Mead (especially when he goes for the falsetto). "Like a lily", which has already gotten some attention on these shores, balances its airy vocals with a fairly vigorous rhythmic attack, while the evocatively named "Revelations in a cold season" offers clean, pretty guitar lines and a pleasing string arrangement. Lyrically, matters tend to be a little saccharine, as on the reasonably rockin' tune "Untroubled mind", where Joel tells us: "I had this feeling, I feel fine/I wanna spend my days in sunshine/I shouldn't worry cause I am/Under protection of the greatest love/I feel like dancing..." There are sweet harmonies adorning the tune, but everything tends to be pretty much on the surface. On the slightly more melancholy "He's in control", the arrangement has a bit of a '60s vibe, and the vocals reel you in, but the tune seems to be some kinda religious ode, which leaves me unsettled. It's too early to make a real prediction for Out of Clouds, but they definitely have an ear for melody and pop-rockin' freshness. Just watch it on the syrup, boys, 'cause many a band has gotten creatively stuck when they poured it on too thick.
- Kevin Renick