Nom De Guerre
La la la
Dead Frog Records/self-released

I've never heard of this band before, so this listening to this record was a nice little surprise. Avi compared these fellows to Ben Folds Five, which is very fitting. They also inhibit some of the quirkiness of The Mopeds, (both bands are Swedish all-male trios as well), and they sound like a lot Swedish indie bands did in the late 90s. I loved a lot of those bands, but with it now being almost 2007, this is what I don't really like with this album. Even though they've got pretty good songs, they unfortunately come across as really dated. Hopefully Nom De Guerre will sound a bit more up to date on their next album (I know, that sounds almost iconoclastic of me), produce some (even) better songs and improve their lyric writing skills (sometimes the rhymes are disastrous). If all this happened, I think they could produce something pretty, pretty good.
- Simon Tagestam