Henry Morgan's Solokarriär - UntitledHenry Morgan's Solokarriär

Henry Morgan's Solokarriär is an untitled 4-track CDr, one of 20 sent to fanzines and alike. "One day, one day" is the opener, a two part: frenetic machined drums with largess lyrical delivery which brings the song to dreamy places. Unforced, Morgan is almost staccato in conveying the emotion in each song. There's that same nervous excitement about the songs heard throughout Vapnet's "Thoméegränd" track. Take a torrid hometown melancholy on "Face from my hometown", "It's not my heart that speaks, but the quivering of an old wound" he sings. "Keeping Me Warm" is the least accomplished of four otherwise decent tracks, including a cute cover of Bright Eyes' "An attempt to tip the scale". If you are one of the 19 others to get a copy of this disc - let's start an old fashioned fan club because, as it stands Henry Morgan's Solokarriär, is one of the best of 2006.
- Jason Christie