Björn Norestig - Hello insideBjörn Norestig
Hello inside
A West Side Fabrication


This album has struck me as being an interesting mix of styles, melding Neil Young with turn of the century Nicolai Dunger and 60s lounge - how does one even come up with the idea to do so? Of course, Björn's pop sensibilities are in all the right places, which is prevalent on the track "Come take a shine" and in the smooth lounge sound of "Hold on". The music is played quite well and the vocals are all in place, but it doesn't grab me and shake me up. Again, this album can come off as a bit 90s sounding and dated (see "Why oh why" amd "Character song") and I'm trying to figure out if it's a sign of what's to come in music, but I'm also confused as to why that style is coming back, as it was only a decade ago! Anyway, the song craft is definitely here, but this whole 90's vibe just seems a bit strange to me.
- Matt Giordano