Oh Laura - A song inside my head, a demon in my bedOh Laura
A song inside my head, a demon in my bed
Cosmos Records


There's always something to be said for radio-friendly pop, and whether it catapults it into the stratosphere or recedes in anonymity, at least it's being acknowledged. Unfortunately for Oh Laura, they're kind of waning in the middle, albeit achieving Swedish Chart success as of late. There's nothing unique about their country/soft-rock pop when compared to their peers. However, on the tracks "It ain't enough" and "Out of bounds" they peak at not only their most hook-laden, but also the most musically textured. I'm not condoning a whole album of tracks written from that ilk, but by using their quality as a base, Oh Laura's next album could then be propped alongside The Cardigans and Alison Krauss not only in terms of sheer pop-sensibility, but also in terms of audience.
- Matt Giordano