Profile: Like Honey

Name: Like Honey

From: Malmö, Sweden

Sounds like: Melodic indie music with gorgeous and distorted melodies

Listen: Airport

2005 - Airport EP (Hybris)
2004 - So silent EP (Hybris)


They've only released two EPs, but they're so good that it really makes me eager for their full length album to come out. Just as their name suggest, Like Honey sounds a bit like Jesus & the Mary Chain, but with a definite Swedish take, and also a female singer. Listen to "Airport" and I'm sure you'll end up joining me in my worship.
- Simon Tagestam

Who are Like Honey?

Joakim Karlsson – Guitar
Johanna Cromnow - Vocals, Bass
Sandra Svensson - Organ, Synthesizer
Klas Sjöberg - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
Tittie Åsberg - Drums

How long have you been together for?

Joakim, Sandra and Johanna had been making songs for some time and decided to try make it something real. They found Tittie through friends, and Klas from an ad that listed influences like Dinosaur Jr. and The Pixies. This was in November 2003. Three months later we recorded our first EP, Hybris' first release.

What are your inspirations?

Yo La Tengo, Lush, New Order, Pavement.

What do you guys do besides the music?

Work and study. Klas also has a solo project named Klas, and Tittie plays with the splendid electronica group Pikko.

How do you record your songs?

The first EP "So silent" (hybr001) was recorded in one week on an 8 track reel-to-reel in our rehearsal space. "Airport" (hybr017) was recorded on the same reel-to-reel until it broke down and we got to use a friend's digital recording machine to complete it. And on this recording we have recorded a lot at 9Volt studio in Malmö and completed with overdubs in our rehearsal space. We use a lot of vintage equipment and tube amplifiers for that analogue sound.

What album / film / book did you like in 2007?

The only record we could agree on is Cat Power's "The greatest".

What's in the near future for Like Honey?

Right now we are working on our debut full length. We're about 80% finished. It's quite exciting.