Top 10s for 2006: Chris Magnussen (Hemstad/Das Kometen)

Top ten music related things (in no specific order) that made an impact on Chris Magnusson during the year of 2006:

A) Hemstad's debut album.

B) Holy Shit's song "Skyscrapers in Heaven".

C) All of Ariel Pink's work.

D) Peter Bjorn And John's production on the song "Objects Of My Affection".

E) J Dilla's song "Two Can Win".

F) The death of Fagin Studio (RIP).

G) The back-2-basics-style-a'la-early-the-Cure-vibe of The Whitest Boy Alive.

H) A mix tape I found outdoors.

I) All shitty music released in the year of 2006.

J) Roland Juno-60


Hemstad's debut CD is out now on Catbird Records.