Top 10s for 2006: Björn Norestig

01. The great musicians I play with plus my record is finally out!

02. Learning how to make a "burlesque" fondue. Werid name for a recipe - was good though.

03. Stockholm in the summer - join me next summer for wine at Skinnarviksberget!

04. Swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang will finally go to space, after 15 years of waiting - go Christer, go! Show that space!

05. Sailing to Denmark (even if I didn't understand a word they said).

06. Bruce Springsteen live with the Seeger Sessions Band at Globe Arena, Stockholm.

07. My favorite chair, "Lunna". Yup, it's from IKEA.

08. Manuela & The Music Makers.

09. Reading "Vägen till Klockrike" by Harry Martinson.

10. Borat.


Björn Norestig is a Swedish musician who has just released his first full-length album "Hello inside" via A West Side Fabrication.