Top 10s for 2005: Teemu Lupatarkastaja

Top 10 albums for 2005:

01. Stamina Stamina (Sakara)

02. Aborted The Archaic Abattoir (Listenable)

03. Abduktio Tuli kulje kanssani (Fullsteam)

04. Bloc Party Silent Alarm (Wichita)

05. Lolita Stasi Ruhr (Codebreaker)

06. Children Of Fall Bonjour Tristesse (Day After)

07. Opeth Ghost Reveries (Roadrunner)

08. Logh A Sunset Panorama (Bad Taste)

09. The Grand Opening Location EP (IAT!)

10. Wojciech Ampiainen ompeli (Plastic Passion)


Teemu is the founder of Lupatarkastaja, one of the few Finnish mp3 blogs and probably the first. IF you can read Finnish, head on over to read about his entire top 25 record picks. Teemu also writes for Finnish extreme music mag Inferno and is a contributing writer for Finnish music portal