Top 10s for 2008: Absolut Noise

Here is my "top ten list" of my "favourite Swedish music moments in 2008". 14, not ten.
No order. Music is not a competition.

The "whhooooopp" in Samuraj Cities' song "Washed up"

The chorus of the demo version of Holana's song "Dance man, you're a modern man"

The piano part of Anna Ternheim's "What have I done" acoustic version

The drums with a sound of coconut in Convoj song "Knives and riptides"

The Division of Laura Lee line "it makes sense to die young, back where I come from, violence is timeless" in their song "Violence is timeless"

Du Pacque's line "my eyes are perfectly still" repeated all over again in their song "The great reveal"

When Hajen starts to sing in her song "Sharks"

The drums in Johnossi's "Party with my pain"

The robotic voice of Lykke Li at the very beginning of "I'm good, I'm gone"

Nina Kinert singing "and the mother of his child, oh, I had to" in her song "I shot my man"

The beginning of Paddington DC's record "Love is leukemia", the song "White cells" and its "resistor... transistor"...

Palpitation's voice in "Can I blame you"

The scream at 1'05 in Paper's "Hit the floor"

When Sonjagon's voice goes in the clouds at 4'30 in their song "Buckybell w.t.a.i"

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