Panic & Action, the new label of Peter Ahlqvist from Burning Heart, has confirmed a date of February 4 for the release of Adept's debut album "Another year of disaster". Preview at myspace:
It looks like the label is also putting out a new comp of 20 more Swedish modern hardcore acts called "Burn all the small towns". Artists confirmed include the aforementioned Adept plus Neverstore, Chemical Vocation, Kid Down, Marissa Burns Trey, Hero in Action, Social Siberia, Future Idiots, Bursting Veins, A Vain Attempt, Oldschool, Herbrightskies, Walking With Strangers, Against The Day, Early To Bed, Operation Nothing, Far Above, Go Drowsy, Fakie For Nothing, Newdrive and Atta. Expect a late February release.