In Flames reports they are currently in the studio working on a new EP to come out by summertime. No other details yet, but I'll keep you posted.

Silence will reissue the 1983 album from Per Cussion on March 24. Hailed as the first Swedish rap record, the new version will be remastered and will include seven bonus tracks.

Turbonegro presents the Scandinavian Leather Tour 2003 w/JR Ewing, Surferosa, and magician Tore Torell. Jeez, too bad I'm not in Norway to see this for myself. The dates:

5/27 - Siddishallen, Stavanger
5/28 - Haukelandshallen, Bergen
5/29 - Nidarøhallen, Trondheim
5/31 - Oslo Spektrum, Oslo

Hyped band-of-the-moment Radio Dept. are heading out on a Swedish tour to support their new album. The dates:

2/28 - Stockholm Accelerator w/The Legends
3/6 - Linköping Herrgår'n
3/7 - Kalmar Din Kompis/Folkets Park
3/12 - Växjö Musikmuset
3/14 - Göteborg Playground @ Pustervik w/Douglas Heart
3/15 - Malmö KB w/Comet Gain
3/26-29 - Umeå Open
4/9 - Lund Buster @ Mejeriet
4/20 - Göteborg Klubb Himlen
4/25 - Uppsala Kalmar Nation
4/26 - Norrköping Kulturkammaren
5/24 - Stockholm Pop Dakar
8/7-9 - Emmaboda

Sam-E's debut album "Om ni bara wuisste" comes out February 28 from Streetzone. It was produced by themselves, along with help from El Sheriffo, Ken, Sekken Thautz, Moonshine, and Masse, who all also make guest appearances.

Cold Meat Industry will be holding a label-fest in Leipzig Germany on June 8. The scheduled lineup: Arcana, Brighter Death Now, Coph Nia, Deutsch Nepal, In Slaughter Natives, Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Raison D'étre, and Fetish23. BDN also plays in Chicago on Friday the 13th of June.

MNW (Music Network) has announced they will start offering cheap singles for the price of ten kroner a song. The first slew of artists to benefit from this plan are De Stijl, Isolation Years, Satirnine, and Johan Borgert.

Komeda has announced they are working on a new album, their first since 1998's "What Makes It Go". The title has been announced as "Kokomemedada" and it should be out in May. The first single will be for the song "Reproduce".

Marko from The Crown recently posted an apology on the band's website for their cancellation of two shows in Slovakia. Here's the story:

We came to the border and were denied getting into the country. The reason was that we didn´t have documents from the Swedish and Italian government saying that we were the owners of our equipment. Let me tell you one thing, we have played in 17 countries (EU and non EU countries) and NEVER had a problem like this before. So we decided to go to a second border. And we were denied again to enter the country. And this time NOT ´cause of the equipment but simply ´cause they didn´t want us to get in. SO... we decided to try a THIRD border. And surprise surprise, they let us in with no problems, they didn´t even want any documents. But then they decided to not let in the opening acts, and all the backline (drums, amplifiers etc.) were in their bus. So we waited 4-5 hours on the border hoping that they would let them in. We asked our tourmanager to contact the Slovenian promotor and beg him to provide some drums and amps for us. At this point we were prepared to do a show with one cymbal only if necessary. But the reply was that the promotor couldn´t get us any kind of instruments. We were REALLY looking forward to do these two sold-out shows. We even planned to record them on video.
The bottomline is, we had to go back to Italy and cancel these two shows. Very fucking frustrating, but what could we do? The border acted like they could do whatever they wanted to.
And the fucked up thing is that we heard that people had traveled from Croatia and Austria to see us perform.Trust me, we are as sorry as you that we couldn´t play.
This cancellation was TOTALLY beyond our control!!!

Zyklon have set "Aeon" as the name of their new album, due in September on Candlelight Records. It's currently being recorded at Akkerhaugen Lydstudio and will be mixed at Studio Fredman by the ever-present Fredrik Nordström. According to a posting on the band's website, The material is more varied and the song writing in general is much stronger. The new material is also said to be way more heavy compared to the debut ("World Ov Worms"), probably not as intense in terms of actual speed, but aggressive no doubt!"

Solefald's new album "In Harmonia Universali" comes out March 24 in Europe on Century Media. No US release has been set, but you can download a preview mp3 here for the track "Mont Blanc Providence Crow". Fans of avant-garde metal such as Ulver (older), Arcturus or maybe even Tool should check 'em out.

I mentioned awhile ago that The Venue was another Swedish band travelling to the US to play SXSW and elsewhere. Well, here's their finalized tour plans:

3/5 – the Casbah San Diego, CA (with Silver Sunshine & The Stereotypes)
3/7 – Fullbrook Art & Cultural Center
3/8 – Spaceland, LA, CA (with The Out Crowd & Brian Jonestown Massacre)
3/9 – Sea Level Records, LA, CA (in-store)
3/10 – the Now Sound, LA, CA
3/11 – the Echo, LA, CA
3/14 – Friends, Austin, TX (SXSW Bella Union showcase)
3/16 – Lee Ann Atherton's Post SXSW Barn Dance, Austin, TX
3/18 – the Stork Club, Oakland, CA (with Pineforest Crunch)
3/19 – The Lost & Found, San Fransisco, CA (with Pineforest Crunch)