Happy Monday! We're gonna do something a little different this morning. Instead of me picking out a new mp3 to post, I'm letting frequent IAT contributor Simon Tagestam handle things:

To put the best track of your album as the first song is such a super simple thing to do to, but still, like the moron I am, I fall for it every time. I can just imagine me going into a record store and checking out Perfect Combination's album "Conquer" on the listening post, only to be totally blown away by the first song to such an extend that I would have to buy it, even if it meant selling the clothes I was wearing. "Conquer" brings back that feeling I got when I was around 13 years old and I for the first time in my life got hooked on hiphop (mostly due to an ex-boyfriend of my older sister who introduced me to Public Enemy and Ice T). I wish I could play this song to anyone who says hiphop is just blah-repetitive-blah-sexist-blah-drivel--no-soul-blah-etc (that also goes out to all the people who frown upon commercial stuff and only like Anticon and other pretentious crap) and if they didn't change their mind after the initial minute of this bulldozer of a track, I would surely not bust a cap in their skull, but I would consider sighing and perhaps leaving them without saying a proper "Goodbye".

Thanks Simon! Check out the track for download in the playlist section on the right.