Pixie Carnation - Hiding in the sun

At long last, new music from Pixie Carnation. "Hiding in the sun" is the b-side to the band's upcoming single "Speed up your heart".

The High Hats single preview

Go here for a quick preview of The High Hats' upcoming single "Lou Reed", officially confirmed for release on August 22 via .

Tyred Eyes - That last detour sign (video)

New sights and sounds from Göteborg's Tyred Eyes. Look for their debut full-length "The piercing stare, the thousand lies" to be released in early April via .

High hats to get vinyl release

will be doing a vinyl edition of The High Hats' excellent 2007 album "Too much is never enough" later this spring with a brand new full-length to follow later in the fall. Seeing as how I'll definitely be tracking down a personal copy, I'll be sure to keep you posted.

New album from The Kendolls on Alleycat

will be releasing the new Kendolls album "Jerking class era" next week on April 27. Hear a sample tune in this SoundCloud sampler set: http://soundcloud.com/alleycat-records/sets/alleycat-records-sampler

Quit Your Dayjob are back

Swedish synthpunks Quit Your Dayjob are back with the new album "World domination", now confirmed for release on May 11 via . Check out the single "Environmental" at SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/flagstone/quit-your-dayjob-environmental

Fucking Werewolf Asso - Kid! Just letting you know we are doing it againFucking Werewolf Asso
Kid! Just letting you know we are doing it again
Alleycat Records


Fucking Werewolf Asso are the remains of the hardcore band Go With Fourteen O, namely Dennis Wedin and Martin Svensson. Skepticism spread as I heard the words 8-bit Nintendo hardcore, but the sound of "You got leave shield" made me change my mind. I wasn't a fan and I'm not a fan. But at one point in between the fifth and the sixth listening, I got it and I was somewhat ready to stand up and scream "You'll never be a better gamer than me!" The interest dies pretty quick though, but it leaves you smiling. Fucking Werewolf Asso is made up out of a Nintendo, a Sega Mega Drive, the genuine punk/hardcore/passion screaming and a solid beat from the drum-set. There is a huge amount of energy in there as well as gamer-culture humor. Which makes it a good club-act. Rather than your bus-ride distraction.
- Morten Frisch

Pen Expers - Dirty tender lovePen Expers
Dirty tender love
Alleycat Records


"Dirty tender love" will be record number three for the band Pen Expers and, as before, this newest album features dark rock á la Sweden, meaning gloomy and depressing. Pen Expers really have the ability to influence the mood of the listener with their music, so it might not always be the most fitting choice as it will ruin your day. Maybe this is a feature that comes with good, honest music, however, I often find that Pen Expers leave their genuine sound for more stereotypical dark rock'n'roll during this record. At times the desperation from Alexander Arvman's vocals seem borrowed. This is doubtless good music though and Pen Expers is a good band -- they truly shines through on the track "Don't you wanna kiss me anymore?" -- but they are also good enough to make their own genre rather than trying to fit into already made-up categories.
- Morten Frisch

The Movements - The world, the flesh and the devilThe Movements
The world, the flesh and the devil
Alleycat Records


"How long is too long" is the name of the first track of The Movements latest album and, in many ways, that one song summarizes the rest of the album. I'm not saying that it all sounds the same, quite the opposite, but all the tracks leaves me with the same feeling, the feeling of being incomplete. Or rather, having elements not completely belonging. Taking that first track as an example; the first minute blows me away every single time, but after that the mismatched vocals kill the buzz. There is something in each song, putting the lid on and it never really reaches its climax.
- Morten Frisch

Top 10s for 2009: It's a Trap!

High Hats - The Montpellier sessionsHigh Hats
The Montpellier sessions
Alleycat Records


My first though when I listened to The High Hats' new EP "The Montpellier sessions" was: Wow, this must be how Broder Daniel would sound without their depression. Even though they do sound like BD at times, there is no way to describe The High Hats sound without mentioning The Ramones, the teen/pop vocals in combination with a strong drum and bass just screams Ramones. And just like The Ramones, The High Hats' music is energetic and frantic and leaves no room for anything else. The EP just keeps on growing and it keeps the listener interested for as long as a 5 track EP possibly can. At times it's hard to sit still and not sing-along, hard to not to get influenced by the energy the music creates. The release grabs you straight from the start and when it ends, it leaves you craving for more and it's no wonder with its strong lyrics and punk-pop sound. Yes, The High Hats new EP is truly hard to forget.
- Morten Frisch