MP3: Pretties For You - Silver lining

Give me an epic indierock tune with expansive pop hooks and a masterful sense of dynamics and of course I'm going to be impressed. It's a formula that can be easily codified on paper, but that doesn't mean it's so easy to replicate, though plenty of Swedish artists -- Magnus Ekelund, We Are the Storm, Pixie Carnation to name a few -- have definitely hit the mark at least once. Now add Pretties for You to the list; the title track of their new EP "Silver lining", just released today via , is a sure-fire qualifier. They take their time getting to the chorus payoff, but it's worth it.

Pretties For You - Silver lining

A West Side Fabrication talks to Rickard och Juvelerna

has posted a short Q&A session with their latest signing Rickard och Juvelerna, the new band from ex-Waterbug vocalist Rickard Nilsson:

AWSF presents: Pretties for You

introduces us to their latest signing, Pretties for You:
Look for the band's new single "When the lights went out" to be released next week.

Oh My! - Fifteen minutes (video)

Here's a video for that new Oh My! song from that upcoming comp.

A West Side Fabrication Scandinavian Indie Vol 2 Now & Then

Swedish indie label mainstay is putting out a new comp at the end of the month (1/31) featuring a wide selection of tunes from their 25 years as a label plus four brand new ones written especially for this release. Full tracklist:

Oh My! - Fifteen minutes
Heikki - Former hero
Bedroom Eyes - Hand-in-hand grenade
The Drowners - Summer break my fall
Light Parade - Moonlight run
Little Red Snapper - Call me on Tuesday
Olle Nyman - Don't let those bastards reel you in
Oscar & Ronja - Bad manners
Amber Oak - Audrey (radio version)
Wade - Freak or a star
Music of Things - Self destructive
Holiday With Maggie - Make it, don't break it
Mufflon 5 - Waverer
The Concretes - Just locals
Tupelo Honeys - The return of the weeping man (autumn edit)
The Bear Quartet - It only takes a flashlight to create a monster

MP3: Pajala Truck Co. - Tornionlaakso

"The first gray slushy snow has fallen over Pajala and the rest of Torne valley, the intoxicating dance of the summer is long gone and while the fingers slowly brace the pile of bills and debt collection on the table the eyes are melancholically fixed on the desolated world outside the kitchen window. A longing away. A new start. Gene Kelly. Leslie Caron. Paris."

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that had been putting out a number of solid releases lately, but then I neglected to follow up with anything to back up such claims. To remedy that, here's the latest single "Tornionlaakso" from Pajala Truck Co., a great pop band with two singers from way far up north near the Sweden/Finnish border. It's a great song with a great emphatic delivery and, like the quote above says, great music for welcoming fall. Reminds me a bit of Marit Bergman too, in that they in no way shy away from grandiose classic pop gestures and that's something I can always appreciate. Can't say I know much about the band beyond this song, but I'll certainly be doing my best to alleviate my ignorance as the day goes on.

Pajala Truck Co. - Tornionlaakso

MP3: The Culture In Memoriam - Sisters

continues to quietly release plenty of great music, regardless of whether or not anyone is paying attention, and they've been on a bit of a roll as of late. One such example would be "Sisters", a beautiful slice of pastoral pop from The Culture In Memoriam that brings to mind similar rustic works from the likes of ex-labelmates The Bear Quartet, Neil Young and so on. Usually I'm not so big on the gentle falsetto as it's often way too much of an affect for my tastes, but there are always exceptions to be made and TCIM fit the rule. The song gets better and better as it goes along too, adding more and more subtle layers of sound and orchestration. And the b-side "Vanilla wreck"? I think I might like that one even more.

The Culture In Memoriam - Sisters

West Side talks with The Culture in Memoriam

talks to The Culture in Memoriam about their new single "Sisters", among other topics:

AWSF talks to Oh My! Oh My!

interviews Oh My! Oh My! whose new single "Time will tell" will be released next week:

West Side talks to Stairs

talks to Stairs about their upcoming single "No knock on my door", which will be out on the label on September 6, among other things:

West Side questions We are the Storm

does the Q&A thing with We are the Storm:

We are the Storm sign with West Side, new single soon

We are the Storm have signed with and will be releasing their new single "Galileo" next week. The band's full-length debut "To the North-Pole" will follow later on down the road.

AWSF confirms new Popterror EP

has confirmed that Popterror's sophomore EP "Nu som då" will be released on March 16 and will include four tracks including the radio single "Kanske är allt vi vet åt helvete". A remix EP will follow shortly thereafter.

AWSF talks to We Are She

talks to We Are She, a band they'll be releasing a new EP from very soon:

West Side talks to Amber Oak

interviews Amber Oak, a week before the release of their debut full-length "Illt":