Country: Sweden

Artymove - One of these days (video)

The latest from Swedish electro/pop trio Artymove.

Sista chansen! Out of Vogue + Anchor @ Debaser Malmö 22/9

Saturday night at Debaser Malmö! The very last It's a Trap! Clubnight EVER! And we're going out with a bang too with two of Sweden's finest hardcore acts, Out of Vogue and Anchor, gracing the stage. Be there!

Transubstans picks up Dödaren

has signed Swedish heavy rockers Dödaren and will be releasing the band's debut full-length "Maen" this coming December.

Musik med Säkert! and more

PSL's newest correspondent does the live music thing for the video blog site with her band Säkert!:
Very recommended, naturally. Also at PSL today, a new video from Min Stora Sorg and another live session with De Montevert.

Ensemble Lakonia to be released soon

Rafael, Memento Vitae by Simeon Frohm from Fajta on Vimeo.

The fascinating Swedish jazz/experimental/spiritual label has announced that the long-awaited debut album "Nattens lovsång" from Andreas Runeson's project Ensemble Lakonia will finally be out later this year as part of the label's "Compunctio box". As for the video above, I can't say that I know much about it except that it includes music from the aforementioned act starting at, I believe, around minute 8.

Daniel Gilbert - The smell o'thunder (video)

Here's the video for the new Daniel Gilbert single "The smell o'thunder".

Graveyard - The suits, the law & the uniform

Hear a new Graveyard tune as part of NPR's Fall Music Preview:

Pitchfork reviews Iamamiwhoami

Pitchfork praises the new audiovisual album/DVD from cryptic Swedish pop act Iamamiwhoami:

World Tour - Forever tonight (video)

World Tour now have a video for their single "Forever tonight".

Daniel Gilbert 7" preview

The new Daniel Gilbert 7" is now streaming via ' Bandcamp page.

Kånn Ingen Sorg, the movie

It was bound to happen eventually: they're making a film based on the lyrics of Håkan Hellström called "Kånn Ingen Sorg" starting in Göteborg this fall with the expectation of a February 2014 premiere. Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein -- from "Underworld: The Awakening" which does not exactly bode well -- will direct.

Markus Krunegård - Vi dansar bättre utan kläder

Hear the new Markus Krunegård single "Vi dansar bättre utan kläder" via SR P3:
Personally, I am incredibly underwhelmed.

First Aid Kit - Wolf (video)

The latest video from Swedish duo First Aid Kit.

Ane Brun - These days (video)

New from Ane Brun. In related news, Ane had to cancel her US tour with Paul Gabriel due to illness and is being replaced by friend/band member/Swedish artist Jennie Abrahamson.

Switchblade - s/tSwitchblade
Trust No One Recordings


As usual, this latest offering by Switchblade is tough going. We're six minutes into what has to be classified as a pretty boring opening track ("Movement I"), before things kick off in earnest and -- luckily -- what does kick off is nothing short of psychedelic uneasiness, more down to the vocals than anything else. This album has some great moments; every song has some part that really, really kicks ass. The problem is that Switchblade take so damn long to get there every time that it comes across as boring in a lot of places. It's heavy; there's no denying that. But if we take it at face value, around half of it is "wow, killer" and half of it is "yeah, whatever."
- John Norby