Country: Sweden

Artymove - One of these days (live video)

A live version of Artymove performing their new single "One of these days". Obviously not as ecstatic as the regular version, but still dece.

Presenting: Allvaret

Allvaret is a new band from Göteborg, debut LP soon via /.

Interview: Rasmus Kellerman

Interview: Rasmus Kellerman

Study: Oslo and Stockholm lead Europe in music taste

Apparently Oslo and Stockholm are ahead of the curve when it comes to music discovery (and rejection):

Missbrukarna - Zooma in en zombieMissbrukarna
Zooma in en zombie
Skrammel Records


Essential first-wave Swedish hardcore that's raging fast, surprisingly melodic and also a heckuva lot of fun. Even better, the rare tracks culled from various cassette releases, live sessions and so on are every bit as good as the band's all-too-few official vinyl recordings, limited to a mere split 7" with fellow Swedes Panik and the first volume of the "Really fast" comp series. Hopefully most folks who fit the target audience for this LP will have already picked it up by now, but for dabblers there's always Spotify.
- Avi Roig

Graveyard - Goliath (video)

The official video for the new Graveyard single "Goliath".

The High and Lows - London's sleeping

Solid Swedish pop balladeering from The High and Lows.

Goat - Goatlord (live video)

Swedish cult/psychrockers Goat have an exclusive live video up at PSL:
Strobe-sensitive folks are advised to open said clip in a hidden tab while folks in the UK are encouraged to go see them live:

10/19 - The Lexington, London
10/20 - The Star And Shadow, Newcastle
10/21 - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham

Book tip: Den Svenska Synthen

Check out the Facebook page for "Den Svenska Synthen", an upcoming book by Bengt Rahm (one of the founders of ) on the Swedish synth scene including interviews with tons of bands, labels and more:
Swedish-only unfortunately, but that's the way these things go.

General Surgery - Like an ever flying limb

Death metal in-jokes abound! This is the title track of the band's upcoming 7" EP, due out November 6 via .

Woodlands - River runs wild (video)

PSL has the premiere of the new Woodlands (remember?) video "River running wild":

Fritjof & Pikanen - Säg då (video)

Swedish dubstep? Sure, okay.

In i dimman - s/t EP

Cool! A Swedish band whose sound harkens back to the early days of Kent and other similar 90s-era alt-rock.

Spagyrikerna - Stekel (video)

Add together stop/motion animation + Swedish Kraut/pop and you get Spagyrikerna. Look for an album this fall via .

Norlie & KKV - Hon vill vara du (video)

It's far too smooth for my tastes, but here's the latest from Swedish pop/rap act Norlie & KKV.