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More Øya from Under the Radar

For more on Øya, here's coverage of Day 3 and Day 4 from Under the Radar.

Pitchfork at Øya

Pitchfork went to Øya and went on the black metal sightseeing tour and also managed to catch locals Disaster in the Universe, who they graciously dubbed "The worst band in Norway (and, possibly, the entire world)":
They also made an effort to catch at least some other Norwegian acts, singling out Susanne Sundfør, Highasakite, Pow Pow, Young Dreams and Årabrot as standouts.

Under the Radar at Øya, day 2

Under the Radar checks in from Øya once again, this time with live reviews of Philco Fiction, Ane Brun and more:

Imperial State Electric, Smoke Mohawk team up for tour, 7"

Sweden's Imperial State Electric will be teaming up with Norway's Smoke Mohawk for a quick tour next month:

09/19 - Knust, Hamburg (GER)
09/20 - Luxor, Köln (GER)
09/21 - Matrix, Bochum (GER)
09/22 - 1210, Stuttgart (GER)
09/23 - ISC, Bern (CH)
09/25 - 59:1, München (GER)
09/26 - Hirsch, Nürnberg (GER)
09/27 - Bi Nuu, Berlin (GER)

And that's not all! The band's will also be doing a split 7" for the occasion via which will feature each group covering a Blue Öyster Cult song.

Susanne Sundfør - The silicone veil (video)

New visuals from the always-enchanting and beguiling Susanne Sundfør. NSFW!

Under the Radar at Øya

Under the Radar is at the Øya Festival and making a conscious effort to check out local sounds on their first night out:

Ulver + Tromsø Kammerorkester

Ulver will be performing a newly commissioned piece of music at Tromsø Kulturhus with their 35-piece chamber orchestra on September 21. Their words: "The mass is new electronic/symphonic music specifically written for the evening, and it is grave." Furthermore, the proceedings will be recorded and will eventually become the band's next album. More details/tickets (in Norwegian):

Making Marks to release new 7" in October

Norwegian indiepop act Making Marks (nee mylittlepony) have been picked up by and will be releasing the new 7" "Ticket machine" in October with a new full-length to follow in spring 2013.

Donjon Doxy - How deep is the sea

More new noiserock out of Norway, likewise featuring members of Burning Motherfuckers. Beware the regrettable detours into funk territory; I couldn't handle it.

Burning Motherfuckers EP preview

A preview of Burning Motherfuckers' new self-titled 12" EP, due out August 17 via .

Barren Womb - Pink funeral

New heavy sludge outta Norway from a band called Barren Womb. Look for the band's new EP "On the origin of the fæces" on September 14 via ; no word on whether or not they'll also be lifting the design of Type O Negative's original artwork off their album of almost-the-same name, but I guess we'll have to wait and see (and never unsee).

Lukestar says goodbye

Norwegian indierockers Lukestar are sadly calling it quits after 10 years as a band and will play their final show on August 31 at Parkteateret in Oslo. Read their final statement here.

Back from vacation

Tattoo by Jonas at Göteborg Classic

I'm back home again and back at work after a two-week Swedish excursion -- thanks to all my friends, new and old, for hanging out and being awesome! In the meantime, I've got myself a mountain of junk to climb out from under so expect updates this week to be terse. I'll be back on top soon enough.

Best of 2012 (so far)

Best of 2012 (so far)

Been meaning to get this written up for over a week now, but I haven't found the time and now that I'm about head out on vacation to Sweden for a couple weeks, I figure I need to get at least something up. So without further ado, here's my picks for the best releases of 2012 so far (in alphabetical order):

Agent Side Grinder - Hardware ()
Beastmilk - Use your deluge ()
Diskoteket - Det ska se ut som slutet ()
Magnus Ekelund & Stålet - Supernova EP ()
Nitad - Rastlös & vild ()
Susanne Sundfør - The silicone veil ()
Tvärvägen - Staring directly into the sun ()
Vånna Inget - Jag ska fly tills jag hittar hem ()

On the cusp/too early to tell:
Anchorless - Every nook and cranny ()
Norra Kust - s/t ()
Westkust - Junk EP ()

Missbrukarna - Zooma in en zombie ()
Ratsia - Jäljet ()

Listen to a selection of these records below via Spotify:

The black flux on vinyl

Virus' highly acclaimed landmark avant-metal album "The black flux" will finally be getting a proper vinyl pressing this fall via -- head over to the label's website to preoder.