Country: Norway

Flashback Caruso - Butterfly blood

Soft progressive rock from Norway with an album of epic 4xLP proportions coming this winter via . Can't say that it sounds like a good idea to me, but kudos to them for having the chutzpah to go with it.

Avant-garde Metal talks to Enslaved

Avant-garde Metal talks to Ivar Peersen of Enslaved about the band's new album "RiiTiiR", among many other subjects:

The Lionheads - Kids

"Kids" is the new single from Norwegian dance-friendly alt-rock act The Lionheads, officially due out September 17 via imprint .

Making Marks - Ticket machine (video)

"Ticket machine" is the official debut single from Norwegian indiepoppers Making Marks (ex-mylittlepony).

Kråkesølv - I Limbo

"I Limbo" is an old Kråkesølv song from the band's very first demo in 2008, now reconfigured and rerecorded for the band's upcoming album "Alle gode ting". I really dig the heavier sound they have going on this new recording and am eagerly awaiting the full record.

Stagnant Waters album gets release date

Stagnant Waters, the French/Norwegian avant/black metal act featuring Svein Egil Hatlevik (Zweizz, Fleurety, Umoral, etc.), has finally confirmed that their self-titled debut album will be out on October 29 via . Check a sample tune here.

Okkultokrati - No Ouroboros (+ new album news)

Finally, new music from Okkultokrati! The band's upcoming album "Snakereigns" has been officially confirmed for release on October 26 via and they say that musically-speaking, it "is a great leap for the band," and that they build their songs "on straightforward punk beats with the filth of unholy rock n' roll running through their veins." As for the lyrical themes contained therein: "The end of the universe, the end of the world and the end of self." Yes, this is my most anticipated release of 2012.

The return of Haust

reports that Haust, their first-ever signing, is back in action again after some lineup changes and is currently working on new material:
OG members Vebjørn Møllberg (vocals) and Pål Bredrup (bass, now guitar) remain, while Henrik Myrvold (Evolve, Problems, bass) and Øystein Wyller Odden (Uniforms & Dropouts, drums) are now on board.

Interview + Philco Fiction

Interview magazine chats with Norwegian act Philco Fiction:

Invader Ace - International lovemaker (video)

PSL has the premiere of the new video "International lovemaker" from "tubatechno" duo Invader Ace:

Sprutbass - Norsk Dans (video)

New skweee outta Norway from Sprutbass and .

Einar Stray - Caressed (video)

New from Norwegian artist Einar Stray. Can't say that I like the music much, but the visuals are nicely done.

Highasakite - Indian summer (video)

Highasakite now have a video for their potential breakthrough single "Indian summer".

Rune Grammofon to release 7LP Arve Henriksen box

It has been revealed that will be doing a 7LP boxset of Arve Henriksen albums including 2LP versions of his three solo records for the label, "Sakuteiki" (2001), "Chiaroscuro" (2004) and "Strjon" (2007), plus bonus tracks and an additional LP called "Chron" which will include new material. More details to come...

Smalltown Supersound boss beds down with Warner, starts new label

label manager Joakim Haugland has started a new label in collaboration with called after the name of an old watch and record shop in Flekkefjord. Their first signings: hype acts Young Dreams and I Was A King, the latter of which will be releasing their new record "You love it here" through the new enterprise on October 5.