Country: Finland

Hexvessel mixtape - Houses of fir

Cult Nation has a new mixtape curated by Finnish neofolkers Hexvessel available for free download:

Disco Ensemble - Second soul

"Second soul" is the new single from Finland's Disco Ensemble. The band's new album "Warriors" will be out on September 21 via .

I Was a Teenage Satan Worshipper - Lucid dreaming

"Lucid dreaming" is the latest single from Finland's I Was a Teenage Satan Worshipper and it comes off the band's new album "There", due out in September.

Hexvessel - Woods to conjure (video)

The first track from Hexvessel's upcoming album "No holier temple", due out September 7 via .

Big Wave Riders - Sunny season (video)

Finnish indierockers Big Wave Riders have a new video for the track "Sunny season".

Vainio + Nordwall

Experimental/noise titans Mika Vainio (Pan Sonic, Ø, etc.) and Joachim Nordwall (The Skull Defekts, The Idealist) are collaborating on an album called "Monstrance" to be released via .

Off the Record: Samling

The Finnish live video blog Off the Record has a new session up with Swedish psych/indie act Samling:

Combat Rock signs Ydinperhe, Kuudes Silmä

has announced that they'll be doing a reissue of Ydinperhe's self-titled/self-released LP in the near future. Preview said LP at Bandcamp. CRI will also be putting out the debut EP from Helsinki-based act Kuudes Silmä, a Finnish band trafficking in the currently-popular dark/gothic punk style. Hear samples from them here.

Wasted - Armed with a voice (documentary)

"Armed with a voice", a 18-minute documentary on 15 years of Finnish punkrockers Wasted.

Jess and the Ancient Ones - s/tJess and the Ancient Ones
Svart Records


This is quite the surprise release by this relatively new Finnish seven piece. There's an immediate atmosphere here that's both unique and captivating -- a retro heavy rock psychedelia that doesn't sound quite like anyone else. That said, the Finns obviously pull their musical inspiration from the likes of Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy and Mercyful Fate as is evident on numerous occasions throughout the album. There's also a slight hint of early Metallica found here and there, although it must be stressed that this isn't a metal album by any stretch. Frontwoman Jess has a great sounding voice, although it seems to lack power in some areas, most likely a result of the vocals being slightly dimmed in the mix. There's a touch of a feminine Patrick Dubar in her voice who, for those of you who don't know, was the extremely underrated vocalist of '90s hard rock band Mindfunk. For the most part this album is upbeat, driving stuff, with incredible musicianship on display -- from the Maiden/Lizzy pummel of "Ghost riders" to the "People are strange" vibe of "Devil (in g minor)" and the subdued Opeth-prog of closer "Come crimson death" -- and almost perfect pacing throughout. It's an exciting body of work with a powerful production that hints at bigger and better to come from these occultists.
- John Norby

Murmansk - Peel

New Murmansk, dig in.

Scrags 7" gets release date

The Scrags' long-awaited 7" "Void lodge" will be officially released on via and will include the track "Cold wind" on the flip. Help the band celebrate with a show at Bar Brooklyn/Strand in Stockholm on September 5.

Steed Lord - Hear me now (video)

New stuff from Finland-to-LA transplants Steed Lord.

Huoratron - Bug party (video)

The seizure warning is no joke.

Robot Broberg - Barbados Magnus (video)

Only in Finland, right? Download the track at SoundCloud.