Artist: Under Byen

Country: Denmark
Genre: Instrumental/Postrock
Reviews: Siamesisk (mp3) / Samme stof som stof
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Islets of Dust - More life

Islets of Dust = ex-Under Byen founder Katrine Stochholm + Kasper Staub. The duo's debut mini-album "People and birds" will be released on May 7.

Islets of Dust - Prelude

Check out "Prelude", the debut single from Islets of Dust, the Danish act featuring ex-Under Byen pianist Katrine Stochholm on lead vocals:

Gaffa DK Music Awards 2010

The nominees for Gaffa's Danish music awards have been announced:

De Eneste To - De eneste to (/)
Efterklang - Magic chairs ()
Kashmir - Trespassers ()
The Floor Is Made Of Lava - Howl at the moon ()
The Rumour Said Fire - The arrogant ()

De Eneste To (/)
Efterklang ()
Kashmir ()
The Floor Is Made Of Lava ()
The Rumour Said Fire ()

Female artist:
Fallulah ()
Henriette Sennenwaldt (

Male artist:
Jacob Bellens (Murder) ()
Jesper Lidang (The Rumour Said Fire) ()
Kasper Eistrup (Kashmir) ()
Søren Huss ()
Tobias Kippenberger (The Floor Is Made Of Lava) ()

De Eneste To (/)
Fallulah ()
Ginger Ninja ()
The Rumour Said Fire ()
Vinnie Who ()

Hit song:
Dúné - Dry lips ()
Dúné - Let go of your love ()
Hej Matematik - Party i Provinsen ()
Nephew Feat. Landsholdet - The Danish way to rock ()
Turboweekend - Trouble is ()

Music video:
Burhan G Feat. Nik & Jay - Tættere på himlen (dir: Michael Sauer Christensen) ()
De Eneste To - Morten (dir: Casper Dalhoff) (/)
Kashmir - Still boy (dir: Jakob Printzlau) ()
The Floor Is Made Of Lava - Leave me now (dir: Casper Balslev) ()
Under Byen - Unoder (dir: Manyar I. Parwani) (

Full list:

Under Byen - Unoder (video)

Pitchfork has Under Byen's creepy new video for "Unoder":
Shame that the music isn't more compelling to go with the visuals.

Pitchfork reviews Under Byen

Pitchfork reviews the new Under Byen album "Alt er tabt":

Silver Gleaming Sound Machine - All tomorrow's gardensSilver Gleaming Sound Machine
All tomorrow's gardens


I live in Micronesia, a land of pay-per-KB dial-up internet and no Myspace or Youtube. Imagine, then, I'm running down Silver Gleaming Sound Machine's impressive array of e-accolades, barely able to control my excitement as I wait for "All tomorrow's gardens" to arrive by media mail. SGSM it seems, could be the knighted future of Copenhagen, the heir to the last great Danes of pop (I'll admit it), Alphabeat. A Krautrock bent and 60s psychedelia, in my mind, could prove a darker, more rewarding palette than "This is Alphabeat"'s overtly sugary appeal.

In theory. Imagine when I get the album and it plays more as a spiritual sister to Asteroids Galaxy Tour (one more band and it's officially a movement), a faulty electro-Motown update that I can't even dignify with the term pastiche, as the internet connotation of that word is moving ever so slightly towards "encomium" in our nostalgia-driven society. The sprightly percussion and electro-punk lean of album opener "Hawk" -- maybe the only redeemable song on this mini-album -- can't save SGSM from an overall lack of catchy choruses or cohesive arrangements. Typical of a crop of rising pop outfits in Scandinavia, SGSM tries to look in too many directions at once. Here's a nod to Pink Floyd, here's Le Tigre, and let's steep that all in the tinny pulse of turn-of-the-80s Krautrock! Overly smitten critics use buzzwords like "ELO" and "Kraftwerk", and in the process they forgive them for a dearth of palatable songs.

I don't know. Maybe the iPod commercialistas who find these bands great in 15 second snippets will continue to force feed us downmarket ethereals like SGSM in order to heighten the pop-futuristic appeal of tablet-based products. Maybe it's what we deserve. Whatever the case, I'm not nearly satisfied with Denmark's recent pop output. The country of Roskilde and indie greats The Raveonettes, Efterklang and Under Byen, to me, is of late lagging behind its Northern cousins in the pop arena. Whatever. Maybe we'll get lucky and the new Alphabeat album will become the Danish pop savior of 2010. Hah.
- Nathan Keegan

Under Byen - Kapitel 1 (video)

Gaffa has the premiere of the new Under Byen video "Kapitel 1":

The Silent Ballet reviews "Alt er tabt"

The Silent Ballet reviews Under Byen's new record "Alt er tabt":

Under Byen - Alt er tabt (video)

Here's a video for the title track of the new Under Byen album "Alt er tabt":

New Under Byen now set for April release in America

Under Byen have now confirmed that their new album "Allt er tabt", their fourth overall, will be released in North America on April 6 via . Domestic Danish label still has it confirmed for February 8.

A:Larm Music announces first releases for 2010

Gaffa has posted details on the upcoming Q1 release schedule for Danish label/distributor : (in Danish)
Artists with records on the way include Ghost Society, Under Byen, RebekkaMaria, Sterling and more.

New Under Byen in February

Under Byen have cancelled all upcoming live engagements to concentrate on finishing their fourth album, due out February 8 via A:larm Music.

Presenting: Nuaia

Swedish/Danish electronic/jazz/experimental trio Nuaia will release their self-titled debut album on October 26 and are previewing a number of tracks at myspace:
RIYL Midaircondo, Under Byen, or maybe Stina Nordenstam. Well worth checking out.

Interview: Anna Brønsted (Our Broken Garden)

Under Byen in Belgium

Danish act Under Byen will be doing a number of Belgian dates in October:

10/07 - Botanique, Brussels
10/08 - Cultuurcentrum De Spil, Roeselare
10/09 - de Warande, Turnhout
10/10 - Cultuurcentrum, Mechelen
10/11 - Cultuurcentrum, Hasselt