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The Higher Elevations - The Protestant work ethicThe Higher Elevations
The Protestant work ethic
Time For Action


The Higher Elevations sound a bit like a gang of cowboys playing psychedelic pop rock. It's pleasant stuff, just like eating baked beans around a campfire can be, but not life changing (as long as the beans aren't poisoned, this applies to the metaphor too). At times I find them a bit annoying, as if the novelty takes over and it becomes hard not to giggle at how serious and clichéd the singer can sound at places. Certain songs on the album are also a bit repetitive and I got very tired of them quickly. The highlight of the album is the song "In place"; that one has a real killer chorus, and it also feels much "fresher" than the rest of the songs. The Higher Elevations have enough energy and quality songwriting skills for me to keep an eye on them in the future, since I wouldn't be surprised if they one day delivered a solid album, but at the moment their material just doesn't appeal to me much.
- Simon Tagestam

Swedish power-pop act The Higher Elevations will be playing the Indra Club in Hamburg, Germany on Friday, July 18, but just in case you can't make it, you can also watch the gig online:

Time for Action Records has posted three new tracks from The Higher Elevations' forthcoming album "The protestant work ethic" for preview on myspace:
Said album will be out early next year.

Swedish powerpop act The Higher Elevations have posted a new track on myspace:
The song is called "Breaking the news" and will appear on their new record "The protestant work ethic", due out in December via Time For Action.

The Higher Elevations report that they are just about done with their next album, tentatively titled "The protestant work ethic" due to the band's recent schedule. Expect a late October release via Time for Action. interviews Swedish artist Ylva from Friday Bridge:
Check elsewhere on the site for a review of her new record "Intricacy" as well as This Year's Model, Ylva's sideproject with Niklas Gustafsson of The Higher Elevations.

Swedish powerpop act The Higher Elevations have posted a Television Personalities cover on their myspace page:

But is it Art? is offering up The Higher Elevations Christmas single "All these winter nights" as a free download:

Italian indiepop site (obviously) interviews Niklas Gustafsson from the bands The Higher Elevations and This Year's Model and the label But Is It Art?:

German label Little Teddy Recordings will be releasing a new comp on November 28 entitled "Bang, Crash, Boom (a Popclub Compendium)" featuring an assortment of many fine indie acts such as Swedes The Sorayas, The Legends, The Higher Elevations and Quit Your Day Job, among other international acts like The Decemberists and BMX Bandits.

Niklas Gustafsson, frontman for Swedish powerpop act The Higher Elevations, has signed a deal with Germany's Marsh Marigold for his solo project This Year's Model. A four-song vinyl EP entitled "Greetings from This Year's Model" will be released in late October.

Swedish power-pop act The Higher Elevations have a new website online with a bunch of soundclips from their new album "Always the same":

The Higher Elevations report that their album "Always the same" will finally be out on April 13.

Swedish power-pop act The Higher Elevations report that their debut album has been pushed back to a January 24 release. That also means the previously announced winter tour is postponed as well and now will happen in March.

The Higher Elevations have announced that their new album will be called "Always the Same" and will be out in November via Little Teddy Records.