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Canisius goes drone

Keith Canisius (Rumskib) is starting a series of digital-only album releases with "The oceanic voyage", a collection of various b-side and early works in what he says is his "heavily manipulated ambient drone"-mode. Samples/details:

MP3: Keith Canisius - Waves

This new Keith Canisius track sounds very 80s, very clean, very studio-refined. Just listen to that sharp guitar and those synth tones and imagine the video treatment, replete with shaggy Euro mullets and trench coats. If you lived through it, you should be able to picture it without much trouble, though my own memory is failing me when it comes to conjuring up specific examples. Trust me, okay? Of course, in Keith's case, his helium-laced vocals give the song a more ethereal touch -- hence the shoegaze label that so often gets attached to his work, whether it be solo or with Rumskib -- though it's not so odd as to break my preconceived illusion. Think of it as another instrument. Otherwise, the song stretches a little on the long side, but when it finally peaks, it does so in a satisfying way with a nice wash of swirling layers and canned reverb. Definitely worth a listen.

Keith Canisius - Waves

Keith Canisius preps 2nd solo album

Rumskib frontman Keith Canisius will release his sophomore solo album "Waves" on October 14 in Japan and October 20 worldwide via Quince Records. Samples at myspace:

New Rumskib in September, preview track now online

The new Rumskib album "Better places to dive" will be released in September. Hear a preview track called "Sleepwalking" at mainman Keith Canisius' myspace page:

There's a new Rumskib track called "Secrete" posted on myspace:

Rumskib has posted "Secrets", the bonus track from the Japanese version of their album, for streaming at myspace:

Danish shoegazers Rumskib on tour in the UK:

07/10 - The Social, London
07/11 - Louisiana , Bristol
07/12 - Tigga's Bar, Exeter, Devon, Southwest

Keith Canisius - Ferris wheel makeoutKeith Canisius
Ferris wheel makeout
Quince Records


There's no escaping the My Bloody Valentine comparisons with "The sea me, feel me", the opener of Rumskib composer Keith Canisius' debut solo effort. But with other examples such as "Na´ve struggle" also available to the listener, it seems somewhat unfair to solely refer to Canisius as yet another Kevin Shields' disciple. It's undeniable that "Ferris wheel makeout" is strongly influenced by Shields' songwriting and production, but there are numerous departures from the crashing waves of delay-saturated guitars and soft vocals. The electronic drum arrangements allow Canisius' songs to feel focused in their quicker tempos, funneling the dreampop, shoegazer instrumentalism into digestible avenues -- especially apparent on the song "Watching old films with new eyes". No matter how overwhelming the keyboards or guitars become, Canisius never lets his compositions slip out of control. While the songs do meander at time, the fact that a listener is left with some sense of coherence at the end of any given track is a testament to Canisius' ability as a composer.
- Lars Garvey Laing-Peterson

Danish shoegazers Rumskib are working on a new record for release sometime this fall. The band is also trying to coordinate a short California tour for October and is seeking local bands to help out.

Rumskib's main songwriter Keith Canisius has signed a solo deal with Japanese label Quince Records and will be releasing his debut album in February. Listen to demos:

Rumskib will cover "Shine" by Slowdive for an upcoming shoegaze tribute being compiled by UK-based clubnight/label Club AC30.

Danish act Rumskib talks to Press Play, Record about their influences:

Danish shoegazers Rumskib have a new track on myspace:

Danish shoegazers Rumskib have a new track up on myspace:

The Silent Ballet reviews Danish shoegazers Rumskib: