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MP3: Paper - Out of it into it

Swedish postpunks Paper beging their 3-day run at the Cake Shop in NYC tonight so I tried my best to pin them down for a short Q&A. Calle Olsson answers on behalf of the group...

So what's up with the three-day stand? Whose idea was that? Are you gonna switch things up from night to night or what? Do you guys have any expectations for how it's gonna go?

We thought it was time for something new and wanted to go to New York. We got in touch with a promoter here who set up these gigs. Yeah, we'll change the sets night from night, maybe an easier set the first night, so that nerves can be calmed, It's gonna go well and hopefully we'll meet a lot of nice New Yorkers.

Got any other plans while you're over here? Anything in particular that you are looking forward to doing or seeing?

We've seen Coney Island which was magic, we've also eaten lots of good food.

What else is going on in Paper's world? Got plans to release something new anytime soon?

We will release something soon I hope, but we'll know more after Friday night. Right now we are focused on doing the best shows ever.

When will that new Audionom record finally be released? I heard like 30 seconds of it this past summer and it sounded nuts. What's the hold up?

We don't know.

Likewise, what's going on with the long-awaited Bear Quartet record? A new BQ release used to be an annual occasion and now...?

We are planning a release this autumn. The reason for the holdup is that there was either time or money, important stuff for BQ...

Paddington DC seems to be awfully prolific these days - do you have any sort of guiding principal when it comes to releasing music? does that carry over into any of your other projects? Tell me about the new record.

Whatever I want. Whenever I want. The new album "No drums no fire no flags" is on some tracks more ambient like, the rest are danceable little gems...

Do any of you gents have anything else going on? I don't want to leave anyone out.

Right now we are 100% focused on Paper. We do some other things, but not right now.

And lastly, assuming you conquer NYC, what's the next step? Is there an ultimate goal?

First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin. We wanna tour the West Coast in the US and then later on visit our fans throughout Europe.

Paper - Out of it into it

Top 10s for 2008: Absolut Noise

Absolut Noise has published the first of a three-part interview with Calle Olsson (The Bear Quartet, Paper, Paddington DC):

Paddington DC has a new self-released album called "Love is leukemia" released today:

Cosy Den will be doing a CDr release of the new Paddington DC EP "Vile" on August 6 with an as-yet untitled full-length following on October 3.

Paddington DC, the solo project of Calle Olsson (The Bear Quartet, Paper), will release the new album "Från hat till handling" ("From hate to heaven") on June 6 in a limited edition of 100 copies.

MP3: Paper - My life is going under

Time once again for a week of mp3 posts showcasing up-and-coming and/or unsigned bands. Up first: Paper, the band of Peter Backebo from Audionom, Calle Olsson from The Bear Quartet/Paddington DC and drummer Tobias Rask. Musically, Paper fits in perfectly with my recent postpunk obsession - cyclical, repetitive riffs, mantra-like vocals and a heightened state of anxiety. It's that anxious tension that I love - the band is so tightly wound, I feel like they could explode and lose it at any time and I keep waiting for it to happen. It comes close to the edge, but never crosses over. Within the realms of postrock, I need that that kind of cathartic release to feel satisfied, but that's the point here. There is no destination, no nirvana. Just an endless burning sensation that mirrors the frustrations of life. "My life is going under" is not pessimistic as much as it is nihilistic. It's going under, but yeah - it's always going under. That's life.
Hard to believe this band isn't signed yet. Listen to more here:

Paper - My life is going under

Check out Paper, a new band featuring Calle Olsson of Paddington DC/The Bear Quartet and Peter Backebo of Audionom:

Paper Thin Walls does another day of music from Sweden:
Artists covered include Paddington DC, September Malevolence and David & the Citizens.

Shaktar has a choice remix of Paddington DC's "The sun is down and the sky is grey" as done by TIAC for one of their weekly mp3s:

Paddington DC will be releasing a 7" with two new songs on the new label Post War Recordings.

Nominees for the Swedish radio 2006 P3 Gold awards:

Best female artist:
Jenny Wilson
Hello Saferide
Frida Hyvönen

Best male artist:
Håkan Hellström

Best band:
The Ark
The Embassy
Bodies Without Organs

Best newcomer:
Jenny Wilson
Le Sport
Frida Hyvönen

Best song:
Robyn - Be mine
Timbuktu - Alla vill till himmelen men ingen vill dö
Laleh - Live tomorrow
Moneybrother - They're building walls around us
September - Satellites

Guldmicken (best live):
Lars Winnerbäck

Best rock/metal:
Burst - Origo
Grand Magus - Wolf’s Return
Hellacopters - Rock & Roll Is Dead
Opeth - Ghost Reveries
Rentokiller - Cadaveri Eccelente

Best hip-hop/soul:
Hearin’ Aid - The Boom Lucy
Looptroop - Fort Europa
Peshi - The Work of Art The Art of Work
Stacs Of Stamina - Tivoli
Timbuktu - Alla vill till himmelen men ingen vill dö

Best pop:
The Embassy - Tacking
Frida Hyvönen - Until Death Comes
Paddington DC - The Sun is Down And The Sky is Grey
The Tough Alliance - The New School
Jenny Wilson - Love And Youth

Go here to vote for your favorites:
Winners will be announced January 21.

Paddington DC
The sun is down and the sky is grey
Lowlife Records

This is an album that picks you up when you're down, and punches you in the face. If there wasn't punk, this would be it. I've had this CD now for a few months and for a long time I couldn't listen to any other track than the first one ("Put things"), which is an absolutely fantastic song that goes on for 18 minutes, but only contains two lines that are repeated throughout. I'm usually a fan of 'less is more', but "Put things" is so ace that I almost wish it was twice as long. But like I said, after a few months I've finally managed to get past this track and discovered the rest of these brilliant songs. I'm not too sure how to describe the music, but calling it electro indie rock will have to suffice for now.
- Simon Tagestam

The Swedesplease music blog recently featured some stuff from Anna Leong, Gustaf Kjellvander and Paddington DC:

"I spy" has been confirmed as the first single from the upcoming CDOASS debut album "Extra fingers". It comes out April 20 via Playground Music and features guest appearances from members of Revl9n, Caesars and Paddington DC.